SoftStep : Video Demos and Tutorials

SoftStep KMI wins two Best Of Show @ NAMM: SoftStep and Batt-O-Meter Quick video

SoftStep- First Tutorial

KMI support tech Sarah Howe guides you on a whirlwind tour of the sensors and software of the SoftStep foot controller.

SoftStep Tutorial- Ableton Live

Diane Douglas presents an in-depth tutorial of SoftStep controlling Ableton Live.

SoftStep Demo- note out via MIDI Expander

Tom Ferguson demos SoftStep and the SoftStep MIDI Expander to send MIDI note information to an external synth unit.

SoftStep Demo in Amplitube

Jon Short gives a quick demo of using SoftStep's sensor key technology to dynamically control parameters of your sound. This demo uses the program Amplitube3 by IK Multimedia.

SoftStep Tutorial- Mobius Looper integration

KMI support tech Sarah Howe walks you through the integration of SoftStep with Mobius looping software.

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