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Shows hours of life remaining without removing the battery

Check hard-to-reach batteries via the 1/4" input on most instruments and effects pedals.

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Dave Murphy
"Batt-O-Meter is becoming indispensable when I’m on-the-road and in the studio. It’s small, portable and super easy...what a great tool!"
- Dave Murphy, guitarist

Fast, accurate, and easy to use, the Batt-O-Meter:

  • saves you from risk and stress before a performance
  • saves you money by extending the life of each battery
  • saves you time by checking battery life BEFORE you take things apart
  • save the environment by reducing the number of discarded batteries

The Batt-O-Meter looks inside your instruments and 9 volt devices to measure voltage and remaining hours of use.

Quickly and accurate measure:

  • how many volts a battery is delivering
  • hours left before the device runs out of power
  • the remaining life in any 1.5-volt or 9-volt battery

Plug the gold-plated Power Probe into the 1/4" input on most instruments and effects pedals to test the life remaining in a hard-to-reach battery.

There's more! Test more battery types with increased precision: convenient slide switch differentiates between Alkaline, Rechargeable, and Carbon Zinc batteries.

The convenient right angle 1/4" jack enables you to check a hard-to-reach battery still inside of equipment. Just plug the Batt-O-Meter battery tester into virtually any battery-operated device with a 1/4" jack input and find out IF and WHEN to change its battery.

Stop wasting time and money - don't guess when to change batteries - KNOW with the Batt-O-Meter, the world's first battery tester for musicians.

(Requires 9 volt battery, not included)

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