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  • Kylee Swenson
    "Too many times I’ve stepped onstage wondering... if the battery’s going to run out in the middle of a set. With the Batt-O-Meter, I can put my fears to rest and know exactly how much time I’ve got left."
    - Kylee Swenson, Loquat singer/guitarist and EQ Magazine editor

    Photo credit: Neil Motteram

  • Marc Muller
    "The first night I used it was at the Count Basie Theater in Red Bank NJ. Someone from the house sound company asked what I was doing with the little orange box. When I showed them the Batt-O-Meter they asked if they could borrow and came back 15 minutes later thanking me for just saving them $30 in unnecessary battery replacements for their gear."
    - Marc Muller, guitarist for Shania Twain
  • Craig McFarland
    "After using Batt-O-Meter on my 15 Active Basses and 23 stomp boxes, it hit me - studio or stage, Batt-O-Meter is going with me. I’m in!"
    - Craig McFarland, Bassist for Madame Blavatsky Overdrive, M.I.R.V, Fungo Mungo, & Newborn Addicts
  • Dave Murphy
    "Batt-O-Meter is becoming indispensable when I’m on-the-road and in the studio. It’s small, portable and super easy...what a great tool!"
    - Dave Murphy, guitarist
  • Barry Rudolph
    "I've seen a lot gadgets come down the pike but none as universally useful as the Batt-O-Meter. A 'must-have,' it will become as ubiquitous as a screwdriver for musicians, electronic techs, computer whizzes or anybody who depends on a healthy battery."
    - Barry Rudolph, contributing editor & writer for MIX Magazine, Music Connection Magazine, & prosoundweb.com
  • Vance Galloway
    "It seems like a simple little gadget - but this is going to end up being one of those 'How did I possibly live without this' devices right away..."
    - Vance Galloway, sound designer & owner of AdVanced Media LLC
  • Michael Wagener
    "Just had a chance to check this unit out. It's a great time saver, especially when you have a lot of guitars with batteries and a lot of pedals. It gives you an accurate reading of the voltage (which varies greatly between batteries even in the same batch) and the time remaining until empty, so you can be prepared for a session and not interrupt the creative process by having to change batteries in the middle of it. Great little box. Very well built."
    - Michael Wagener, music producer, mixer, and engineer of Motley Crue & Metallica
  • Winston Roye
    "Batt-O-Meter is awesome! I use a pedalboard that is ONLY powered with batteries and Batt-O-Meter is helping out a lot. I test each battery, and the results are very consistent each time. I'm changing batteries a LOT less, now that I know what's going inside them."
    - Winston Roye, bassist for Rock of Ages - The Musical, Jewel, Lauren Hill
  • Vinnie Zummo
    "You want to know about the Batt-O-Meter? You plug it in, and it works quickly and efficiently. What more can you ask for? New gear is often just so much hype with no substance, but this thing is for real. It's a mega time and performance saver."
    - Vinnie Zummo, artist, producer, and former guitarist for Joe Jackson
  • Joe Gore
    "The Batt-O-Meter is an indispensable gig-bag and workbench gizmo. Like many players, I've tried to minimize battery use for eco reasons, mounting my stompboxes on AC-powered pedalboards. But I still need to use battery-powered pedals to audition or alter sounds while recording and rehearsing. Thanks to the Batt-O-Meter, I now recycle no battery before its time. And if you're addicted to those über-cool boutique and DIY stompboxes (you know, the ones without quick-access battery compartments), that means more playing and less screwdriver-twirling. Your wrist will thank you!"
    - Joe Gore, composer, music journalist, and musician (Tom Waits, Tracy Chapman, PJ Harvey, Eels)
  • Thad Cranford
    "I must say that this is one amazing piece of gear, it has already proved to be one of the most important tools in my toolkit. It's already saved me much time and money. Being able to check my batteries without having to remove them from the guitars and pedals saves me a lot of time, and I don't have to guess and hope that I can make it through the set without a failure. This is an excellent piece of equipment and I would recommend the Batt-O-Meter to all professional techs and musicians. This is one of those must have pieces of gear and I am proud to endorse it. Thank You!"
    - Thad Cranford, Guitar Tech for Lillian Axe, New Orleans, Black Crowes, R.E.M., Alice Cooper, & Faith No More
  • Ryan Gorman
    "The Batt-O-Meter is a godsend to have on the road and in studio. It will let you allocate your time elsewhere to things that need focus instead of spending an hour checking and changing batteries everyday. It will also save you money by not throwing away good batteries because of the uncertainty of knowing how long they will last. It's a time saver, a money saver, a headache saver, and it's not leaving my toolbox any time soon!"
    - Ryan Gorman, Sound Engineer for The Deftones, Saliva, & Black Stone Cherry
  • Noel Webb
    "I have to have a full capacity battery in my electric violins. Batt-O-Meter keeps me relaxed and able to do my job; which is to play jazz violin, not worry about my batteries"
    - Noel Webb, Electric Violinist and Owner of Spider Cues Music Library